(The spelling for ever is also used for meanings 1, 2, and 3.)
1) ADV: ADV with v If you say that something will happen or continue forever, you mean that it will always happen or continue.

I think that we will live together forever...

It was great fun but we knew it wouldn't go on for ever...

I will forever be grateful for his considerable input.

2) ADV: ADV after v If something has gone or changed forever, it has gone or changed completely and permanently.

The old social order was gone forever...

Their lives changed forever.

for good
3) ADV: ADV after v (emphasis) If you say that something takes forever or lasts forever, you are emphasizing that it takes or lasts a very long time, or that it seems to. [INFORMAL]

The drive seemed to take forever...

They didn't cost anything and they lasted forever.

4) ADV: ADV before v-cont (emphasis) If you say that someone is forever doing a particular thing, especially something which annoys or amuses you, you are emphasizing that they do it very often. [INFORMAL]

He was forever attempting to arrange deals...

I was forever dragging him away from the fireplace.

always, constantly
5) ADV: ADV adj (emphasis) You use forever to emphasize that someone always has or shows the quality mentioned.

Katherine was forever secretive...

To this end the young child is forever watchful.

ever, eternally

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